Hunting seasons


It is possible to hunt the following game:
Elk hunt could be hides or stalking hunt 15th September 30th September, hunt, stalk, stalk or driven hunt, and hunt with hunting dogs (except the hound) 01 October 15th December, the bull and cow elk hunt in the 15th September 30th November 15th, and hunt elk calf September 15th December.

Elk Hunting at the beginning of the rut is still ongoing, it is interesting to keep peibutusjahti, echoing the bull voice. A large part of the hunted deer during the shooting enables shooting range. Driven hunt with dogs usually organized with the participation of many hunters.

Wild boar, except sows with piglets, may be regarded as an ambush or stalking hunt all year round, driven hunt, and hunt with hunting dogs (except the hound) 01 October 28th February.

Wild boar hunting is the best time for the snowy period, which can be located by metsigade footprints. It is also suitable for light snow over the full moon varitsusjahiks kõrgistmelt. Half of the wild boar are hunted in January and February, which is considered the brains and hides.

Roe deer and shock
Roe deer (male) and can be from 1 June to 31 December hunt, ambush or stalking hunt. Driven hunt and hunt a dachshund or terrier 1 October and 31 December. Goat or laid up for a September 31 detsemrini.

Roe deer (male) is the best time in June, when the grass layer has not yet risen high. The most commonly used hunting the shooting. In this period should, if possible, to save hard trophy. During the run of results and offers the most emotion echoing voices roe deer (male) high seat.

Red Deer
Red deer may be hunted from 1 September to 31 January.

The best time to hit the bull deer is the month of September is when the rut.

Beaver may be hunted in an ambush, stalking hunt or augutsist to 15 April.

A bear, except the sons of emakarule can be considered as an ambush, stalking hunt or 1 August and 31 October.

Woodcock can be searched, and the ambush, stalking hunt or hunting dog, a state augutsist 30 November.